She's Like Wildfire

by Emmanuel DALMAS



EDM sexy club style dance party song featuring sensual vocals by Gabriela Flores


South American queen
What you get is not what you see
Pandora box full of surprises
You thought your life would be
Quiet and sweet
With her the tide is constantly rising

Your Amazon Goddess came to you
The perfect wife too good to be true
Now you know nothing´s what it seems
Now you know you were better off with me
Now you know but its much too late
Now you know now you know

Now you know be careful what you wish for
Now you know wild can get you hurt
Now you know you finally know the truth
Now you know
Now you know now you know

She´s wild (wild)
Like wildfire
Nothing can tame her flames
goes home-wrecking like a pro
You let her burn down our home
She´s wild (wild)
Like wildfire
No one can tame her ways
She´s hunt you down just like a prey
She´s gotta hold
She´s gotta hold
Of you
Of you
Of you
She´s gotta hold of you

Now you know….

She´s wild…


released November 8, 2018


all rights reserved



Emmanuel DALMAS France

Emmanuel DALMAS, a.k.a. Manutube, is an emerging musician, composer, and producer based in Odos, France who is quickly gaining favor for his unique takes on EDM, pop, and soundtrack styles. He is a solo artist who plays piano, saxophone, flute, and violin and has also developed a high level of skill in electronic production. ... more

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